KOTE2014 Balance Green V

This year’s theme is “Balance”.

We’re looking to understand the ways in which art can provide an outlet for often ignored voices, ideas and perspectives without which society couldn’t function.

Some of the types of imbalances we’re addressing this year are:

gender inequality / a consequence of which is the systematic ignoring and devaluation of half of humanity / the focus on “development” at the expense of the natural environment / the modern focus on the material and tangible, as opposed to the less easily defined but equally important issues of conscious, awareness and psychic health.



JUNE 20th – 29th  

kingston art is happening…….


“Special thanks to those who made the recent volunteer clean-up at The Ward a great success!  Without the tireless dedication of  Jonathan Greenland of THE WARD THEATRE FOUNDATION and the determined efforts of Rosina Moder of MUSIC UNITES JAMAICA and The RE-WARD PROJECT,  and the exuberance of Joza Koinzer and MUSICIANS WITHOUT BORDERS – TRENCHTOWN MUSIC PROJECT, this project event would not have happened.  Thank you too to WISYNCO who provided all the refreshments, NOVELTY PARTY RENTALS who provided the industrial fan and SHIRLHOME CHEMICAL CORP who provided the cleaning products necessary to do the clean-up.  Finally to all the volunteers THANK YOU!!!”

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